MCP – Manuel Czepok Photography
complete creative service for advertising and commercial photography


I’ll be with you from the pre-production on, over the production and up to post-production.

– Product Photography

– Advertising Photography

Commercial Photography

– Architecture Photography

– Corporate Photography

– Liquid Photography


If you have questions about anything specific, drop me an email and I’ll come back to you ASAP.

I’ve been working in the commercial and advertising industry since 2001. In 2010 I left Germany to work on feature films at Weta Digital (The Hobbit) and stuck around ever since.

Film, photography and visual effects are completely different areas but there is a lot of overlap as well. I offer the opportunity to realize projects that go beyond traditional photography, using digital effects and CGI. That also introduces cost effective alternatives in order to stay in budget. The knowledge of three industries combined in a one-man band is truly what separates me from many other creatives

The ‘Before and After’ section on this website will give you an interesting insight into post production and quality assurance.

Oh and in case you were wondering how to pronounce my surname “Czepok”. Simply treat the “z” as “h” and you get Chepok, which is no different to chat or champion. A German with a Czech name in New Zealand. What a twisted world we live in.

If you have questions about anything specific, drop me an email and I’ll come back to you ASAP.


Every client has different needs. That’s why I quote each job individually. I’m certainly neither the cheapest or the most expensive, but I am flexible and willing to work with a wide range of budgets to find common ground and get you what you want.


The time needed to process your pictures depends on the number of photos, the amount of post processing and special requests. It can take a couple days or up to a couple weeks. Of course those things will be clarified in advance. In the end each project is custom-tailored to your wishes and I want to deliver the best advertising photography possible.


A commercial photo session can be as long as one hour or a whole day. The number of the photographs taken varies depending on the amount of details, the complexity of the task and on external influences. Both, quantity and quality will be clarified in advance to perfectly match your needs.


After the photos are shot and put together in post production, I upload them all to a private proofing gallery. There you can view the photographs and request changes.

Can you fix this in post-production?

The answer for most of my photos is yes. However, in case your request refers to images someone else took, I’d need to see the photos before I can say what is possible and how complicated the fix is.

If you have questions about anything specific, drop me an email and I’ll come back to you ASAP.

My Work Ethics


  • Creativity - 100%
  • Communication - 100%
  • Reliability - 100%