How To Fix & Error on Kodi

How To Fix & Error on Kodi

The pair error in Kodi occurs when a stream you are trying to play must be authorized for viewing. The following guides below provide three methods to Fix the Kodi Pair Error. First, I will show you How To Setup Real-Debrid in Kodi which will bring in the highest quality links for streaming. By integrating real-debris within Kodi, users will have access to the best streams available that will not require you to pair your device.

Real-Debrid is a paid service that costs around $4/month. If you do not wish to pay, there are still a few other choices to remove the OPenload co pair or Kodi errors. In the second method, users eliminate any and all streams that require authorization before viewing.

While this is an easy fix to this problem, it is not always the best choice. Often times, when we remove these streams, we are missing out on some of the most high-quality sources available.

If you would like to keep these options available, I suggest the 3rd method. This method will show you how to pair your device with the content providers for easy streaming.

However, when using the 3rd method, you are pairing your IP address which can be dangerous. The best way to protect yourself whenever broadcasting your IP address is with a VPN.

Why Do You See Olpair,,, Error in Kodi?

The truth is that pair error in Kodi is not exactly an error. It is a prerequisite to stream the video content from the sources such as,, Openload or

Openload and other such sources that demand pairing offers a huge inventory of quality content including your favorite movies, shows, documentaries, and whatnot. They do provide superior quality content, with better resolution and reduced buffering issues. And, they do it for free.

But, because they offer top-grade content quality, they receive hundreds of thousands of playback requests on their servers. As a result, their servers get jammed up. All the traffic directed to their servers doesn’t originate from human requests though. Their traffic would get clogged largely due to automated requests generated by the bots and scripts.

The pair error in Kodi is actually a gate that could be passed through only when it is verified that it is a human asking for access. That’s why they screen all the requests to their servers and only when you verify yourself as a human, you get access to their content.

I recommend following the pairing process guide reference for a better experience. The first method will tell you how to do it. However, if you don’t want the links from these sources at all, I also have the second method for you.

Fix Error – Pair IP Address to OLPair

Pairing your IP number with is the most simple and flexible method to fix this issue. This will provide a temporary OL Pair fix, allowing you immediate high-quality access to get and watch all your favorite TV shows, movies and more from their high-speed servers.

Follow these steps to connect and watch movies and any TV series season episode with

First, get and enable a VPN for protection on your device. Using a VPN is required to secure a private, stable IP number while encrypting your data. IPVanish VPN provides super-fast servers for Kodi Fire TV devices. Their official servers provide a stable, anonymous IP address for safe, untrackable and trouble-free streams without all the buffering.

Now, open a web browser that supports HTML5 and javascript. Frequently updated web browsers that work great for this are Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Please make sure the web browser is accessing the internet from the same IP address your movie and TV series streamer is connected to.

Then, enter the website domain URL in your browser, and note your public IP will be visible on the screen. If not using an IPVanish VPN, this will point to your actual location. It’s best to connect with your VPN app first in order to stream all the content from Openload and other popular hosts of free TV, movies and more. Then, the IP seen is that of the VPN server. The choice is yours.

Next, you’ll need to prove that you are a human and not a bot. In order to do so, check the box I’m not a robot. Once you verify your lack of botitude, there’ll be a checkmark in the “I’m not a robot” box.

Finally, click the Pair button and then your openload “error” is fixed! A message says you successfully paired to and video servers.

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