Industrial Photography for Wool

Industrial Photography for Wool

A story of wool (processing). This one started quite mysterious. I’ve been asked to show the factory but not make it look like a factory. It was also important that the photos look sharp. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it. Now here is what I got from this.

A) We’ve to tackle low light conditions. The client himself took photos beforehand and came across long exposure times and motion blur.

B) They want to focus on the process, rather than showing the whole facility. This assignment is about storytelling and actively hiding distracting elements.

It goes without saying that when a client brings her own camera, your photos must stand out in comparison. The machinery was impressive. There was plenty of interesting detail but only limited access to it. The last thing you want is that your lighting gear tangles up in the countless moving parts all around. Not to mention the damage and potential consequences when everything has to be shut down. As a professional I know the limitations under the given circumstances. I gave the client a rundown of the process before I started. It was important that they understand what I had to do to capture what was asked of me. That built up trust and a platform to communicate the process. In the end, I was allowed to move more freely than initially planed.



Written by Manuel Czepok

A German with a Czech name living in New Zealand – a guaranty for a new point of view and fresh ideas. I originally came to New Zealand to work on feature films of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson but eventually started my own business.

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