How to Play Rounds For First Time in BTD Game

How to Play Rounds For First Time in BTD Game

Upon playing the game for the first time, the Army Monkey gives a tutorial on how to play the game. At the track Town Center, he declares the aim of the game: “Stop the Bloons from getting through!” The player is then instructed to place a 0-0-0 Dart Monkey inside the designated circle. After placing a second 0-0-0 Dart Monkey in another part of the track, the first round can be played. The Army Monkey then points out the Play button, which is used to begin the next round.

After beating the second round, he points out that popping Bloons earns the monkeys experience: “Popping Bloons earns your Monkeys experience!” He then instructs the player to tap on the Dart Monkey icon to unlock an upgrade. He tells the player that “each Monkey type has 5 upgrades in 3 paths,” after which the player is free to choose one of the Dart Monkey’s Tier 1 upgrades to unlock.

After unlocking an upgrade, the Army Monkey tells the player that he needs to apply the upgrade to the Dart Monkeys in play in order for them to be able to use it.

After completing Round 3, Quincy, one of the eight current heroes, arrives. The Army Monkey tells the player that Quincy is a Monkey Hero that upgrades himself throughout the course of the game.

After Round 4 is completed, the player levels up to Level 2, allowing the player to unlock a Primary Monkey. The choices for them are Boomerang Thrower, Tack Shooter, Bomb Shooter, Ice Monkey, and Glue Gunner. The same process occurs after Round 9 is completed, which is when the player levels up to Level 3, allowing the player to unlock another Primary Monkey.

After Round 10, the player wins the tutorial game and earns Btd6monkeymoney 100.

Features of BTD Game

Bloons Tower Defense 6 currently features a roster of 20 monkeys (2 new monkeys and 18 returning from previous BTD games) and 8 heroes to help pop bloons. These monkeys are split into four classes: Primary, Military, Magic, and Support. The monkeys range from simple Dart Monkeys to the all-powerful Super Monkey, each one with its own unique attacks, abilities, and strengths. Monkey XP still exists, but this time around it functions a bit differently.

Players can save up Monkey XP to unlock upgrades in any order they wish, but the amount of monkey XP required increases the farther down the upgrade path they travel. XP can also be saved, allowing players to go down the path the player wishes rather than unlocking them in order. Each monkey has its own set of XP so they cannot use Dart Monkey XP to buy upgrades for the Bomb Shooter, for example.

Each monkey offers 15 total upgrades which are split into 3 paths of 5 upgrades where a player can get two paths: 1 path to tier 5 and another path to tier 2. If someone upgrades one path then another, the third path will be closed. Also, there can only be one of every fifth tier upgrade on screen at all times (except for the Crossbow Master upgrade, with the monkey knowledge activated known as Master Double Cross, one can have 2 Crossbow Master in a game instead of 1).

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