Portals – First Encounter

Portals – First Encounter

Portals is one of a few personal projects I had planed for this year. Below is the first photograph of this series. I wanted to create something mysterious, something dark. My client work usually goes very much the opposite way. So this should be a nice change.

I am handling the term ‘portal’ very loosely. To me it doesn’t mean there is a gate that I can use. Portals can have any kind of shape and size. Something might slip through them unnoticed. I want to play with the unknown.

As for the setting: It’s the early 20th century. Entities appeared after a glitch in Dr. Curiovsky’s last experiment. His is eager to study this discovery, not knowing what he is dealing with. This is his first encounter.

If you think you know where the story goes, leave me a comment with your opinion.

Portals Photography


Written by Manuel Czepok

A German with a Czech name living in New Zealand – a guaranty for a new point of view and fresh ideas. I originally came to New Zealand to work on feature films of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson but eventually started my own business.
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