liquid photography

Exquisite Liquid Photography

This shoot was for a retailer who imports liquors for the upper class. We see Croizet Cognac, DQ Vodka and Arta Tequila. Naturally those brands have nothing to do with each other and that causes a few conflicts.
The DQ didn’t want to glow unless it was perfectly centred in front of the light and the Arta acted more like a prism that concentrates the light in hot pools rather than spreading it nicely in the bottle. At least the XO stood there cool as on one foot, basking itself in its own golden glow. Hooray for Cognac! Those three are the bright side. One the other side we have a Beau Joic Champagne. I thought a black bottle on black background would look pretty slick.

Both photos have something in common. The underground is the same acrylic sheet. Thanks to Fresnel reflections, I could perfectly control the colour of the ground with the colour of the background.

Did I say reflections? Oh yes, I did. Here’s a TIP. I’ll always shoot on a reflective material, unless I’m absolutely certain that there won’t be any reflections needed in the final image. It is much easier to remove or reduce reflections in post, as it is to paint them back in. This goes especially for complex items.



I did not taste any of ’em in case you wonder, if they are worth the extra coin. I’m sure they are. The Vodka has a silver tube in the centre. It is a cooling pipe that keeps the bottle chilled when you take it out of the fridge. Neat idea!

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