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Product Photography For World Record

A professional looking image is always necessary to get the attention of your target audience. Even more so, if it contains a message that really engages with the people who see your advertising. The slogan for the image below will be; “If you go with us, your season will bring you more than you could wish for.” Of course the guys from marketing will come up with a more elegant line, but the image tells you everything you need to know. Here is the breakdown. The counter weight is maxed out to the left and yet the little brass can sits firmly on the ground, for it is filled up over the top with seeds. That alone represents a very successful season. But for an outstanding season, one that breaks world records, it needs more. Lots more. Countless seeds pill up on the ground around the over flowing brass pot and more keep falling down in a never ending stream. A harvest one dreams of. That is excellent storytelling and an outstanding idea.

Product Photography For Agriculture, Food Photography


The image above is part of a campaign around the barley harvesting world records, that New Zealand farmer Warren Darling achieved earlier this year. A big day for his family and everyone involved. MCP photographed and captured the efforts that everyone delivered that day. Later on I also shot corresponding interviews as part of a promotional documentary. I’ll post about the video at a later time.

MCP - Industrial Photography For World Record, Manuel Czepok Photography, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland


If you’re keen to read more, my blog post about Aerial Photography goes into the details of shooting the world records attempt. More information about the new world record can be found in this article of the World Record Academy. The Darlings are a great family, hard working and down to earth. It’s worth a read.

Contact me if you too are looking for an idea that stands out and tells the success story of your company.

Product Photography for Aroma Diffuser

Who doesn’t want to come home after a long day at work and relax on the couch while the living room smells just beautiful? Aroma candles, room diffusers or perfumed oils. The choice is yours. Manuel Czepok Photography (MCP) took on a product photo shoot that looks rather simple, doesn’t it? But in its simplicity lies the trick. I’ve been approached by this client to spice up their web-experience. They wanted action shots. They wanted it to be elegant and it had to be on a white background in order to match their cooperative style. As the image gives it away already, this is all about luxury and aesthetic. I couldn’t just throw in bursting flames and exploding wax to cover the action. So, communication is key in order to get on the same page with everyone involved. That pretty much goes for all projects but for this one especially, because the client wouldn’t be able to see the final image until everything comes together in post-production.

The first part of the trick was to understand what “action” means to the client. What do they like? After some talk and research I provided several mood mock-ups to explain the idea using pictures instead of words. A crucial step as the client had to understand where we are heading creatively and again, they wouldn’t be able to see the result of this product photoshoot till the very end. Which brings me to the second part of the trick. How to visualise aroma? One can smell it, taste it, but it’s generally invisible. This is where MCP’s experience with post production comes into play, to achieve truly original advertising photography. All elements in this photograph had to be shot separately for maximum control and quality. Those elements where then married together in post-production, giving me maximum flexibility to tweak all aspects to the clients expectation.

Knowing what is possible beyond traditional photography allowed me to tackle this project on a completely new creative level. This project is truly one that separates me from many other creatives.


Exquisite Liquid Photography

This shoot was for a retailer who imports liquors for the upper class. We see Croizet Cognac, DQ Vodka and Arta Tequila. Naturally those brands have nothing to do with each other and that causes a few conflicts.
The DQ didn’t want to glow unless it was perfectly centred in front of the light and the Arta acted more like a prism that concentrates the light in hot pools rather than spreading it nicely in the bottle. At least the XO stood there cool as on one foot, basking itself in its own golden glow. Hooray for Cognac! Those three are the bright side. One the other side we have a Beau Joic Champagne. I thought a black bottle on black background would look pretty slick.

Both photos have something in common. The underground is the same acrylic sheet. Thanks to Fresnel reflections, I could perfectly control the colour of the ground with the colour of the background.

Did I say reflections? Oh yes, I did. Here’s a TIP. I’ll always shoot on a reflective material, unless I’m absolutely certain that there won’t be any reflections needed in the final image. It is much easier to remove or reduce reflections in post, as it is to paint them back in. This goes especially for complex items.



I did not taste any of ’em in case you wonder, if they are worth the extra coin. I’m sure they are. The Vodka has a silver tube in the centre. It is a cooling pipe that keeps the bottle chilled when you take it out of the fridge. Neat idea!

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